STA Travel Lygon Street

We are located near corner of Lygon St & Faraday St, Carlton. Just next door to Nova Cinema, Lygon court and Woolworths.

Store Address
366 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053

Phone: +61 3 9349 4344
Open Hours
09.30 - 18.00
10.00 - 18.00
09.30 - 18.00
09.30 - 18.00
09.30 - 18.00
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Come visit us for exclusive student, youth & teacher specials on everything related to travel. Book an appointment (using the link above) and you can get $30 off your trip.

A bit about us...


About me:
I'm a regular Kiwi guy who enjoys long walks along the beach and holding hands with one lucky lady. I like big tunes, staying out late and travelling around the world. I think travelling is all about people, meeting people, watching people, drawing people, writing about people, loving people!

My travels:
NZ, Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Ireland, England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Cezh Republic, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt.

I can help you with:
Backpacking around any of these distinations, land border crossings, anything around thailand, Cambodia, Laos.


I'm new to STA Travel, but there'll be some info about my experience and travel adventures here soon.


I'm new to STA Travel, but there'll be some info about my experience and travel adventures here soon.


About me:
Hola! I'm Elle, and I must confess that when I turned twenty, my backpack went on - and since then I've been addicted to all things travel! I have lived in Singapore, travelled extensively through Asia and the Americas, as well as parts of Europe.

My travels:
Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatamala, Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Bali and Lombok, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, London, Ibiza, Italy, Fiji, Spain and Portugal :D

I can help you with:
I'm the go-to-girl for Latin America! Where the best ceviche is, how to get around, the best beaches, and what not to miss - I can give you the low-down. I'm the ultimate beach-bum and can help you plan a tropical getaway or your next adventure - wherever it may be!


About me:
I'm originally from Scotland and I have just moved to Australia after living in Cambodia for the past four years. I'm excited to be living in Melbourne and selling the one thing I love most in life - travelling.

My travels:
I have been to: China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Morocco, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia (obviously) USA and Serbia (USA and Serbia don't really count because I was a child!)

I can help you with:
As I lived in Cambodia, I pretty much know it inside out but I'm also pretty good on Northern Europe and South East Asia. . I can also speak Khmer pretty fluently, I can't read or write it but I can have a decent conversation!