STA Travel Carillon City

We're located in the Carillon City Arcade on the Murray St Level from Forrest Chase (the lower level) and next to the food court. We're only a 3 minute walk from the Murray St Train Station exit. Look forward to helping you with your travels!

Store Address
Shop M109-111
Carillon City Arcade
207 Murray St
Perth WA 6000

Phone: +61 8 9322 8966
Open Hours
09.30 - 17.30
09.30 - 17.30
09.30 - 17.30
09.30 - 17.30
09.30 - 17.30
10.00 - 17.00
* Check holiday hours below
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Holiday hours

We’re open the following hours over Easter and Anzac Weekend:

Thu 17 April: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Fri 18 April: Closed
Sat 19 April: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sun 20 April: Closed
Mon 21 April: Closed
Tue 22 April: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Fri 25 April: Closed

A bit about us...


About me:
I grew up in Tasmania but left to discover the big wide world at 18 which ignited my passion for travel. Meeting different people and sharing their culture is what helped make me the person I am today!

My travels:
I've spent heaps of time exploring Eastern USA and Canada, including New York, Philadelphia and Toronto. I've lived in Milan as a local and seen Italy from the inside out. I've also spent 6 months in rainy Ireland, and seen almost every part of New Zealand... especially the vineyards!

I can help you with:
Trips around NZ, USA, Canada, Ireland and Italy. I can also get around New York and Venice with my eyes closed so I can definitly help you to find the best hotels! I don't speak much Italian but I can teach you every gelato flavour before you leave, always a handy thing to know in the summer!


About me:
After my first backpacking trip to Europe in 1998 I have never looked back, since tackling over 50 countries - moving to Australia from Canada was number 50! - across 5 continents. I was an amateur travel agent before I started at STA, and now I get paid for doing what I love!

My travels:
Western Europe, East and North Africa, the Middle East, just about everywhere in Southeast Asia and East Asia, lots of South and Central America as well as across Canada. If you want to go there I can probably give you some invaluable insider's advice, just ask!

I can help you with:
Tours, flights, and insurance... too easy, but I'm really good for accommodation and stopover ideas. Why fly straight to Europe when you can stopover in Mauritius for 3 days of diving at a beautiful beachside resort, or explore the floating markets of Bangkok in a discounted high-rise hotel?


About me:
Originally from the UK, on "One last travel adventure" came over for a working holiday and decided to stay for ever, following the sunshine and living the dream!

My travels:
Worked in Ski Resorts in Italy, France and Switzerland, and Sailing Centres in Greece. In between Skiing and Sailing have travelled Africa, Europe, South East Asia and Indonesia. Most recently worked on a voluntary programme in Greece with Sea Turtles, which was awesome!!

I can help you with:
Anything and Everything, the world is HUGE, so get out there and ENJOY! My personnal experiences can help you with SE Asia, Indo and European Adventures, especially if you are looking for work!


About me:
Being a kiwi I love new adventures so I flew the coop and discovered the world, after 5 years travelling different countries, experience their cultures, meet different people and the friends you make as you go truely made my experience one to remember. Worked and lived in Canada and UK . . .

My travels:
NZ, Australia, Canada, America, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Egypt, Marrakesh, Paris, Belgium, Alaska, Rarotonga, Krakow, Prague plus many more places

I can help you with:
Travelling is my passion, I love to explorer new places and If I don't where something is then I will find it for you. I want you to be able experience the best the world can offer and via me we can do that, lets make your next travel adventure start here right now!


I'm new to STA Travel, but there'll be some info about my experience and travel adventures here soon.

Tim (Store Manager)

About me:
I was born in beautiful, rainy Scotland and grew up with a love of haggis and battered Mars bars. I studied Astrophysics at uni, then totally failed to get a job and ended up as a high school Maths teacher near Edinburgh. In January 2010 I emigrated to Australia and haven't looked back since!

My travels:
Thanks to my awesome parents I was lucky enough to travel all over the world from an early age, including Australia, South America, the USA, Europe and Scandanavia. Planet Earth is a pretty amazing place and I love exploring it... can't wait for the next adventure!

I can help you with:
I'm a bit of an expert on adventure tours around Australia and South America (I've done a lot of them!). I can also give you advice on how to get around in Europe and what to do in UK when it starts raining, which happens it lot! I'll give you a clue... it involves the pub!